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Well done, good work, especially for the time constraints. I really enjoyed it, great difficulty progression, takes a few minutes to learn how to play but once you do you can easily beat the first few levels then you have to get better with the harder levels that follow. Great level design 5/5.
My only suggestion would be to make the transition faster.

First off, when uploading to Newgrounds the size of the frame should be the same as the actual game size. Second off, the medal should be worth more than 0 points. Also the game itself has a nice concept but it's a bit too easy.

Very enjoyable game, took more strategy than anything. Wasn't very hard, but it was incredibly fun!

Hey man, the game really isn't all that great, but that's not what I want to tell you. First I want to actually tell you how you can improve, even though these may sound harsh I mean the best.
1) Spend more than just a minute or two on art. Really give your all on every little thing you do.
2) This doesn't look like you really did anything related to megaman, other than the sprites. If you're going to create a megaman game you should add the type of megaman gameplay that is in megaman. For example, the lack of being able to shoot projectiles, slide, or anything like that. Also there could be a boss fight at the end.
3) Just because you can show this to your family members and make them say you're smart, doesn't mean that. Why you ask? Because, they most likely don't know you just ripped the code for this game from somewhere else. Trust me, I know, I used to do the same thing. You'll feel so much prouder of your own work when it's a piece of crap, but you know you made it yourself.
4) You said: "i made it by my own and i am 13 so shut up." That's no excuse. I've made plenty of programs on my own, and I'm only 15. Plus you really shouldn't be so rude to people who play your games, if they say something rude, ignore them. If they say something negative, ask them how you can improve. Look at your game, if you found it on the internet would you enjoy it? That's why others don't either. I think if you actually give more effort you could go extremely far.

I'm not trying to discourage you and I hope you understand, your age isn't a restriction you can do so much more. I'm giving you two stars because I know how you feel, but if you ever make something you honestly made by yourself from scratch with next-to-no help from ANYONE or ANYTHING else, I will get on there and rate it a 5. For the amazing effort that goes through it. Message me if you ever do your own project. Also, you might want to try a different language if you're taking a serious approach to programming. I'm personally learning Java, but C++ or Python are good languages too. Thank you for your time. I hope you realize I'm not trying to be rude.

Raikhen responds:

i feel very good watching that someone took like 10 min of his life to help me to understand how to make a good game :) i read it all!!!! and im veeeeeeeeeeeeeery lazy

Why are all of your games so freaking addicting? lol nice game! I really enjoyed it... and that is saying something. I freaking hate car games, I am pretty sure this is the first one I enjoyed playing :)

Schulles responds:

Wow! Thanks a lot! ;)

lmfao No Jesus Christ lizards were harmed in the making or whatever it was! XD I love it!

sihirbaz responds:

heh :)

There was a glitch, where the mouse from the tutorial was stuck and kept on dragging objects in the game ._. it was awful... but the game it self was fun up until then :)

ArcadeGrab responds:

Strange, I can't reproduce this error. We'll look into it.

Very nice :) maybe make the walking animation and the enemies look nicer, but al l in all very cool for your first game :) Umm, I suggest making the Menu button a bit bigger and bring you to the menu. Also the background seems to be a little off. You earned a favorite from me and a 3.5/5 :)

DeadlyCheese responds:

thanks for the feedback :)

I recorded game play of me playing to give some results. I think you should have to do something wrong to miss a turn, it happens FAR to often. I missed a turn all the time while playing. I would go nearly 5 or 6 rounds just watching the gorillas moving. I will send you the video through pm when I get a chance. Nice game BTW. Good luck with whatever you are doing :)

You would think after multiple hours of running he would have just bought a car and drove.

Hey. Message me sometime! :)

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